Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sir Thomas Malory, Beware!

ARG wrote a poem today. He was inspired by a book he read - based in Arthurian legend (he won't tell me the title). When I moaned about finding a topic for tonight's post, he offered it up.

I must be very matter-of-fact and not too excited or he'll never write another one again (you know how it is with kids).

Here it is:

Part 1

My fate from Merlin's ghastly leer
was prophesied, doom crystal clear;
four knights upon a field of battle,
stood far alone, for all their chattel
were slain by strife of civil war:
Knights Gawaine, Gareth, Tristan, Bors,
Lamorak, Percivale, Galahad, Kay —
strewn about the field they lay,
and a lone black knight in armour charged
a worthy king, that sole sin marred.

When I was born my father cast
me out to sea, I was the last
of fifty babes that he had killed,
for fear that I would then fulfill
the prophesy that Merlin made,
that I would kill and culminate
the reign and glory of the True King,
and death and sickness I would bring.

And when I was cast off from the land,
I was rescued, by a fisherman.
I was raised by a Fishermother;
I had no doubt that I was other
than a poor young lad, to serve and fear
the wonderful wildness of Lyr.
Until one day, with me near grown,
I beheld a lady, upon a roan,
that had come to take me to Lothian,
she hoisted me up with fair hand,
and off we rode, me never thinking,
that I left Fishermother behind me, weeping.