Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Mama's Right

Prepare yourself to be whelmed, maybe even overwhelmed.

Yesterday was my eight year old daughter Rosie's* first art show. She and a few other homeschool girls from 6 to 14 have been getting their clothes stained and having fun with paintbrushes with teacher Susan since January. Monoprints, watercolor, salting, still lifes, shading and one-line paintings are some of the techniques they have learned and practiced.

Now, I believe firmly in a Mama's right to brag about her kids. I mean, where else do we get our self esteem? And let's be honest parents, living through your kids can be pretty fun.

The show was held at the perfect place for kids, Baskin Robbins. Art and ice cream! Nice combo. Mmmmmmmm...

In addition to the Matisse-like art that I have placed in my blog (upper right corner),
here is a small sample of Rosie's artistic endeavors:

I loved all the art. I thought all the girls did a great job. Here are some of my other (non-Rosie) favorites:

Isn't that fun?

I bend the knee to Susan, our inspiring art teacher. She didn't have to do the show, didn't get paid for it. It's obvious she cares that much about the girls, and art, to make the effort. And, she's just that kind of person.


* My kids' names are always changed, per Safety Man.


Beth said...

I love the art!! No wonder you are proud. I am currently reading Lust for Life, a novel-biography of Vincent van Gogh by Irving Stone. The verbal descriptions of the Impressionist paintings would match quite weill with the art you have displayed.
Isn't it an honor to watch our children blossom?
That's the true "green thumb."