Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you haven't noticed...

I've been paying more attention to my blog lately.

As I pondered the look and feel of my blog, and how I want it to be, I realized a small change was needed. I have changed the previous title into a tag line, with the previous tag line becoming the title. I haven't changed the url - so the oh so many of you who have bookmarked my blog need not worry.

A Serious Attempt at Fun feels a lot more like what's happening on my blog. So there.

More asthetic changes may be in A Serious Attempt at Fun's future. I am waiting for my son to learn more HTML and CSS, or my husband to have time to help me. Then I'm hoping to add pretty it won't look so

Meanwhile, here is proof positive that my thumb, while not exactly green, is, almost, khaki:

carrots & beans

yum! yum!

carrots up close

Four or five more weeks and we'll be eating fresh picked, home grown carrots! Yes.


Today is Rosie's big art show at Baskin Robbins! After helping her art teacher set-up, and going out to lunch with said art teacher, she will debut several pieces of her original art work (along with other classmates).

And while I can't show my beautiful, talented daughter on this blog, I can show her art.

Stay tuned.


Mike said...

Is that strawberry resting on a string? Do you put those in the field to get the strawberries off the ground?

Sue said...

Yes, that's a string. I have planter boxes with strings marking off 1 x 1 foot boxes. I try to keep the strawberries off the dirt, as they tend to mold down there.