Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bay Cup, Baby!

How did you spend your Sunday, Sue?

Why, I spent my entire day at the Bay Cup Fencing Tournament at Stanford.

What was it like?

Imagine a room about half the size of a gym, covered with ten huge silver strips, filled with approximately sixty fencers, many more parents and family members all of whom may only walk, stand or sit in about two feet between the strips and the wall. Unless they are fencing, of course. Then they are allowed onto the strips. I got to sit in an actual chair about 1/20th of the time I was there. Most of the time I was on my feet.

The sounds of blades clashing, electronic fencing beepers beeping, young men shouting "Yeah!" when they get a point, and general clamour fill the room.

Why were you at a fencing tournament?

I have a new job, don't you know? I am "Water Girl" to my son. During his bouts I run out during breaks to offer water or gatorade. In between bouts I ply him with trail mix, oatmeal cookies or ibuprofin. I also offer all kinds of encouragement and advice - for free!

How did you son do?

How nice of you to ask! Out of all 31 fencers ages 12 or younger from all over Northern and Central CA, my son won......

(and the fans go wild!)

Yes, after 10 or 11 challenging bouts, my guy proceeded to decimate his last opponent to win first place. My main feeling at the moment? PHEW!......

Did he stop there?

Nope. Richard fenced "up" today, in the Y14 group. It was his first time fencing up (he is 11) and he did pretty well. Won about half of his bouts during the pools. Won his first Direct Elimination bout. But unfortunately, he was then matched with the #1 nationally ranked fencer in Y14.

I bet he just gave up then, right?

NO! He showed up for that last bout. He gave it his all! I was so proud of him. At one point, he even had more points than Mr. #1 in the nation. But he went on to lose, which was not unexpected. But he did NOT get squashed - which is really great!

Proud Mama?

You bet.


Anonymous said...

teamDriver? check.
waterGirl? check.
equipmentManager? check.
filmCrew? check.
pressRelease? check.

(well, we're a bit hush-hush on that :-) )

Good Job All Round!!!

Mike said...

That's great! Congrats to you guys!

Sue said...

anonymous - yes, all those things. but I'm too scared to argue with the Russian referees - they are scary.

Mike - thanks! We're all very proud here today.