Monday, November 5, 2007

Paulite, Paulian, Paulbot...whatever

My husband thinks my sense of humor is a bit too subtle. My sarcasm doesn't quite come through. He can't tell when I'm joking or serious in my blog; which will make him very worried when he reads this one:

I confess. I have a huge crush on a 72 year old republican man. I suppose I haven't even tried to resist falling in adoration with the most right on, humble, smart, straight talking, honest, hard working white haired guy I've ever (almost) met. I stood about 3 feet away from him once.

My day wouldn't be comlete without checking to get the latest scuttlebut on the campaign. Aside from watching YouTube clips of Dr. Paul making lots of sense, I really enjoy the way regular folks are coming up with creative ideas for the campaign. This one earned over $4 mil for Dr. No in one day! - very cool.

It is wierd. The media laughs at Ron Paul to his face. But now that he is raised bookoo dolores they are starting to pay attention. Hey, at least he is getting his message out there more and more. But sadly, the first set of TV ads created by the campaign were embarrassingly unprofessional. Cringe.

The truth is that the strength of this campaign is Dr. Paul's steadfastness and eloquence and the support of "the people" or "il popolo" (say that 10 times fast!) The national campaign itself is not much to speak of. Hopefully they won't do too much damage.

Anyhoo - it looks like my guy is in the campaign until the first primaries. Then it will probably be brutal. But, till then, I'm going to enjoy it all I can.



Mike said...

So, are you pro life? Or are you just willing to put up with that part of his platform?

Sue said...

Short answer? I'm willing to put up with it because I agree with the principle that most issues should be decided at the local or state level.

Long answer? When does life begin? When someone can show definitively the line before which the fetus is not a human life, then I will be OK with abortion before that line. Otherwise, on principle, it must be considered murder - and the rights of the unborn life need to be protected.

But I really struggle with this one as a woman - I used to be rabidly pro-choice. But after I carried babies, and really thought about it logically, I came to the above conclusion.

Probably more than you wanted to know... :)

Mike said...

Nope, that's a good answer.