Saturday, November 10, 2007

My floor

I am a floor person. You wouldn't know it by looking at my house, but I am most content when my floors are picked up and clean. The more stuff on the floor, the more discombobulated I get.

I've been vowing to blog about my floor for some time. To give you a glimpse into my mental well (not!) being, here is a brief tour of our floors. I'll start in the kitchen, go round the school/office area, into the family room, the foyer and then to the music room. Here goes:

sippy cups, rubber bands, wrappers, apple slices, lettuce, pens, flashlight, paper clips, construction paper, flight simulator game box, dress-up hat, cd case, chalk, puzzle pieces, duplos, doll, old baby toy, beads, slippers, sweatshirt, tricycle, clothes, hamper, books, string, shoes, cardboard box, 1 playing card, stuffed animal, hair clip, child's bike helmet, empty halloween candy box.....

....and those are just the public areas of my house. I decided not to even look in my room.

One would think that, being a floor person, I would spend time each day picking up the miscellaneaous stuff left on the floor. But no, I usually wait until I am about to lose it completely, then I madly dash around the house muttering to myself as I pick up. Most of my family has learned to stay quiet and out of my way in these moments. Marie just follows me around undoing any good I've done.

Who leaves this mess on the floor? Gee...who could it be.....? let's see.....I think I'll use my messometer to scientifically display the culprits:

Marie 3 yrs old 75%
Rose 8 yrs old 15%
Richard 11 yrs old 9%
Joe unknown yrs old 1%

Needless to say, I do not leave things on the floor.

BTW - the list of objects has changed as I've been writing. I need to add: pillow, balloon, ballet bag......

It never ends.