Monday, November 5, 2007


I am coming to realize how deeply satisfying bragging about one's offspring can be. Oh, never mind that it is annoying and slightly rude - it's FUN!

OK. OK. Guess who won the GOLD MEDAL in his age group at the Regional Youth Curcuit Fencing Tournament in San Francisco (which, I might add has fencers from Sonoma to Fresno to Sacto)? Who beat the #1 ranked fencer in the nation to take the gold? Who could it be you ask?

MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He got a medal, a trophy and a cool sword (which is neat for him, but concerning for me as he likes to play with it). Sigh......

It is nice to think that I somehow, someway play a little part in it all. Though I couldn't tell a flunge from a riposte.....well, he got my genes - and that's something! I carried, birthed and raised him. That gives me the right to take credit for his achievements - right?

Hopefully, getting this bragging out of my system will keep me from annoying all of my friends and acquaintances (those I haven't already bored with the story).

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (me jumping up and down)

BTW: Ron Paul raised over $3.5 million today! yeah!