Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Toddlers Do

Ack! I never have time to post these days.

I am getting ready to go "back to school", which in our house means me cajoling, berating, tricking or ordering my kids to do some learning. Actually, a lot of learning time is fun, it's just hard to come off the summer schedule with nothing to do, to a schedule where there is lots to do.

My little one, Marie, came to my room in the middle of the night last night and said she was tired. In her language that means, "tired of being in bed". Then she said her legs hurt. My compassionate answer was, "I'm sorry your legs hurt. Go back to bed." The supercalafragelistik thing is that she went! You can say what you want about that girl, she is a super sleeper.

Here are a few choice things Marie did over the last week to regail you:

- drew on my bed with dry erase markers
- (somehow?) got ahold of a container of popcorn kernals and dispersed them around the living room
- kissed me all over my face
- said "I want to sit on your wap" while I was typing this (and proceeded to do so)
- smelled deliciously babylike
- after I had cleaned up various toys, putting their many small parts in a box on the stairs (stupid me), she proceeded to spill them all out and play with them again
- when I asked her to do something, said "Yes your highness" (Star Wars influence?)
- when I was getting my Ron Paul fix on the computer, she came up and said "Won Pauw! I wove Won Pauw!"
- gave me butterfly kisses
- entered my room when I was dead asleep, around 6:30am, and shouted "Mom! It's 38 O'clock!"
- messed up just about every thing I cleaned up, about 1/2 hour later
- smooshed cheese all over the counter
- told all and sundry (including strangers) about her various boo boos
- out of the blue said, "Mama, I love you!"

Whew! Toddlers are hard work. I always say, "It's a good thing God made babies so cute, or else we'd throw them out the window!"