Saturday, June 9, 2007

Potty Training

OK. I know I've done this twice before. But I potty trained my first two kids five and eight years ago. Only hazy and vague recollections of that time exist in my brain now.

My daughter Marie turns three in two weeks. For the last few days we have given up diapers (during the day) and are officially potty training. This is important for several reasons: swimming lessons, ballet class and preschool all require a potty trained child.

When is the last time you spent most of your time, energy and brain power
trying to understand and manipulate the thought processes of an almost three year old? It is a trip - to say the least.

Logic just doesn't apply at this age. It is more conditioning and habit at this point. And bribery. Jelly Bellies and M&Ms to be exact. Each time she manages to go #1 on the potty, we all gather round, jump up and down and sing the "Marie went pee pee!" song. Then we march the full baby potty to the big potty and dump it in. After wiping, flushing and washing hands, she gets three jelly bellies. M&Ms are for successful #2s. She has only gotten M&Ms once.

Here's the deal. She loooooves peeing on the potty, but is convinced that she can't go #2. Is it painful? Is she scared for some other reason? What mysterious reasoning goes on inside that adorable curly head?

So far I haven't figured it out. We are 1 for 3 on #2. Thankfully there is some understanding inside her mind that going on the floor is not OK. She walks outside and goes there. Strange.

With my first child I didn't even have my own computer. With my second, it would never have occurred to me to look online. But I've spent the last few days investigating the many web sites on potty training tips and troubles.

But the only piece of advice that I can take to the bank is to be low-key, and have a sense of humor. "Oh well, you'll make it in the potty next time!"

I am not looking forward to poopy underpants. Ugh.

Wish us luck.


Mike said...

Good luck! I'd offer advice in addition to luck if I had anything smart to say. It seemed like we tried to potty train our kid for a long time and then she just kind of did it. She'd hold in her poo for days at a time though.

Sue said...

Thanks my one and only blog friend! I keep telling all my friends to comment but no one wants to get a blogger account. Oh well.... it is still fun.