Monday, June 11, 2007


Either I am a genius mother or my daughter is an exceptionally bright toddler. Or both. After only four days of potty training - she's got it! Number one? In the potty. Number two? In the potty. Every time for three days! (only one accident) She even went to the potty during sunday school! Impressive.....

But let me tell you how entirely sick I am of singing the "Marie went pee pee! Right in the potty!" song. Jumping up and down and parading a full potty around the house gets old pretty darn quick.

I have downgraded her from three jelly bellies to one for each success. Otherwise I'm going to have a sugar-hyped kid permanently, ya know? I wonder if she'll notice. So far, so good.

COMING SOON: Moving from the crib to a bed!