Sunday, June 3, 2007


I have a friend who tries to keep me up to date on world affairs. She emails me articles all about Iran and Islamofascism and globalwarmingalarmism. I try to read most of them. She and I agree on some fundamental political principles, but disagree on a lot of current events. Overall, it is a stimulating and challenging relationship.

Today I read this article: The Case for Bombing Iran which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. This article contains a lot of conjecture. To me it seems the height of irresponsibility and foolishness to advocate an attack upon Iran based on guesses. The author himself admits the consequences could be worse than dire.

I keep having this question in my mind: Why do we need to force our great form of govt. on the rest of the world with force, in the name of opposing the totalitarianism du jour? Yes fascism, communism and most isms are bad. But when and why did it become written in stone that is the proper role of the US government to police the rest of the world? Why does no one question the more than 500 military bases we have worldwide?

If our form of govt is so great (which in its fundaments it is), the rest of the world will want to imitate us. I really think we should focus on making our own house greater (more free, richer, safer...etc). You know, take the log out of your own eye before trying to take the speck out of your brother's eye - and all that.

Yes, the situation with Iran is bad. But let's face it, another "preemptive" attack in the Middle East will permanently seal our fate as aggressors. We will lose ALL credibility in the world and our only power will be our military strength.

I know there comes a time when it is necessary to strike first to avoid being attacked (if attack is eminent). I am not arguing against WWII or that we should just roll over and wait for the next terrorist attack. I'm just saying....over 500 military bases worldwide? C'mon.....

My husband's input on this critical topic:
HIM: What are you writing about?
ME: Iran
HIM: Iran.....Iran so far awa-a-ay....