Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My almost three year old daughter is a disaster area creator. She roams freely around our house breaking things, making messes, leaving stuff and generally creating disorder and mayhem.

Here are some of her most recent accomplishments:

- coloring on the couch in red crayon (thankfully it washed out)
- apply my eye shadow to her cheeks with my best makeup brush
- dumping the whole bag (about 3 lbs) of guinea pig food into the guinea pig's cage
- leaving water running in her bathroom for who knows how long
- "helping" us make dinner by "opening" the spaghetti - spaghetti noodles all over the kitchen floor

On the other hand, she is awfully cute. We laugh and laugh watching her, and that's worth a lot.

Adorable behavior list:

- standing next to me while I practice singing, mimicking my voice and gestures to the tee all up and down the scale
- pulling along her baby xylophone when her brother and sister practice violin saying, "I've got MY bilovin!"
- putting a dish towel over her head and saying, "I'm Mary and you're baby Jesus."
- finding the first letter in her name on the keyboard and saying, "That's me!"

Cute but annoying stuff:

- only wants to wear costumes or pajamas all day, which makes going out a bit tricky.
- "how 'bout you're the mama lion and I'm the baby lion and you gwowl and I ....blah.(3-5 minutes go by)..blah..blah...OK?"

She is my third child and I am running out of the energy needed to deal with toddler-hood. Oh dear, and we are just entering into the "WHY?" phase....I'd better start taking my vitamins.


Mike said...

Oh, that "you're the mama toothbrush and I'm the baby toothbrush (or noun of your choice)" game just about killed me. I HATE that game.

Sue said...

Yes, it gets old pretty quick. I am lucky that I have a 7 year old who is willing to play along with the baby most of the time - so some of that gets deflected from me.

In general I don't enjoy or have energy for most imagination games. That's pretty sad really, as little ones live mostly in that world.