Wednesday, May 16, 2007

auf Wiedersehen

My best friend from high school is moving to Germany next week. She has been living out of state for about a year, but we talk often by phone so it has been OK.

Who am I going to call when I a) have a bad hair day b) am up 7 lbs? c) need to gripe about my hubby d) want to share a cute or annoying kid story? I think the bill to the Fatherland will be tooooo expensive.

A few memories:

I met her in the "smoking section" (a small outside area enclosed on three sides by huge concrete walls) at highschool. Actually, I didn't smoke (cigarettes at least) but my friends did, so there I was. One day Jane appeared. She was striking; a very tall (taller than me!) blonde girl smoking a cigarette from one of those long extension holder thingies. She looked like a movie star in jeans.

We connected because she was the TA in my PE weight lifting class (why did I think I was too cool to take dance with all the other girls?) Jane would fix the numbers for me on my weight lifting "progress", so I was indebted. Plus she was so friendly, funny and just plain strange!

I invited her to a party at my house once - she slept over along with a few others who couldn't quite make it home. Not that she was drunk, she didn't do that. I was the one worshipping the porcelain god. Jane helped me call my grandma to explain why I couldn't come spend the night. She helped me clean the next day and hung out with me as I drove my pot growing friend ("the botanist" she called him) home.

My Most Embarrassing Experience occured with Jane, but my husband has convinced me it would be innappropriate to post. Oh well...

Jane transferred away from my high school to the "alternative" high school. I think she ended up getting her GED. The funny thing about her, is that she is one of the smarted, savvyist people I have ever met.

I could write a lot about her, but I might embarrass her so I won't. I'll just say that she is a person who I can count on, who I can always call when I'm in need. She is consistently good for a laugh and a pick-me-up. Her advise is pretty spot on as well.

I don't know what I'll do with out her. I hope she comes back soon.


Mike said...

You've got an anonymous blog here! It's the PERFECT place to write about your Most Embarrassing Experience.

Sue said...

You think? Isn't there some way someone could somehow find out who I actually am and embarrass me and, worse, my husband?

Mike said...

Well, I suppose you're not 100% anonymous. You mention the name of a teacher you had, and someone could google him and get here. And there's my link to your page, which also removes some anonymity since I also have names in my blog from our school days.

So, yes, people from your high school days could theoretically find you.