Monday, May 7, 2007

My son is ranked 9th in the nation in his age group for fencing. Pretty cool, huh? It's all great except the summer nationals are in %#$&%&! Miami!

I mean, we already fork out some serious coin for lessons and classes and equipment for this sport. But Miami? We're talking at least $1200 for airfare and hotels. What about meals? Entry fees? T-shirts! (you must always purchase the t-shirt).

His coach wants us to take him. My competitive aggro-Mom self wants him to go. It is kind of sick, because if I didn't think he would do well I would even think of it. But the chance that he may be in the top ten or medal? Hooo! That get's me going.

Probably won't happen as my honey would have to take off work to go. My husband does NOT take off work lightly. Plus the money thing.

Kids are great. When I asked my son what he though about it he said,

"Sure...let's go." Just like going to the store, or hanging out at a friend's house.

Not, "Please Mom, please take me! I beg of you!"

Just, "Sure...let's do it."

There's always next year when the nationals are in San Jose. But of course then he'll be at the bottom of his new age group and much, much less likely to place well.

We'll see.