Friday, May 18, 2007

nothing for me

What is the deal with women's clothes today? I mean, they are either made for stick thin 18 year old girls or fat grannys! I spent a good portion of time yesterday and today simply searching for one dress. I just want a dress. With sleeves. And a waist. But apparently they don't make those kinds of dresses anymore.

Here is what is available for me:

- strapless or tank dresses that don't cover shoulders or arms (not good for flabbalanch arms like mine)

- Dresses that have sleeves are tight right under the chest and full all the way down - which makes people like me look pregnant. I can just see someone asking me, "So when are you due?" Urg.

- Fat, old lady dresses that make anyone look like a mother or grandmother of the bride. I am not THAT old yet.

I am even willing to fork out the dough to get what I want - but it just doesn't exist.