Sunday, May 20, 2007


Have you ever noticed that people develop their own unique approach to keeping appointments with other people?

Some people decide "I always run 10 minutes late", and by gum, they always do!

Others invariably call about 1/2 before the appointed meeting time with lots of last minute changes (accompanied by all kinds of reasons) = high maintenance friend.

I don't know what some people are thinking when they are consistently 1/2 hour late or more. I mean, what do they think the other person - oh let's be honest - what do they think I am going to do for that 1/2 hour? Take a nap? Read a book? Pick my nose? Count my freckles? It is so rude.

Then there's my Mom. God love her, she is almost always about ten minutes early. Even when she's late she's on time (not counting when she gets stuck on the bay bridge - totally out of her control). If you invite my mom to a party, you'd better have your act together.

I'm pretty sure I inherited her "on timeness". I CANT STAND to be late. I get tense. I get uptight. I get grumpy. Being late (unless it is fashionably late to a party) is so rude, I just am ashamed to do it.

You can imagine how much my kids and husband appreciate my timely qualities as I am shepherding them out of the house.

"Come ON people!"

Which brings me to a somewhat related tangent: WHY do kids consistently lose their shoes? Maybe it's just a coastside phenomenon, since we're always taking off our shoes whenever we walk in a door. I guess the kids just can never remember which door they came through. The garage? The front door? The back?

Some of my most steam-coming-out-of-the-ears moments have been when we're late, one kid can't find his shoes, and my daughter is all dressed up in a pretty new dress but wearing her old, grubby tennies. "I can't find my sandals!" Arg.

Getting three kids and a husband and myself out of the house on time, without forgetting anything is truly an art form. I think I'm getting pretty good at it. But probably my kids will end up in therapy with some anxiety syndrome, "I always felt rushed!"


Mike said...

Maybe your kids and my kid can get a group rate on therapy. I'm NEVER late (ok, maybe once a year), so I'm often harassing my daughter to hurry up.

Sue said...

Me too. I've figured out that if I tell my husband and oldest son to be in the car 15 minutes earlier than I really need them there, we can leave on time. My daughters I still need to shephard - but they're more manageable.