Sunday, April 22, 2007


We are becoming Peggle addicts! My hubby and two eldest kiddies are having a Peggle tournament this evening and it is intense!

If you've never played before, it is a silly game in which you shoot a ball at circles and squares - trying to eliminate all of the red pieces before you run out of balls. Of course there are super graphics, silly & surprising sounds and Beethoven's Ode to Joy bursts out when you complete a level. Each new level has more pieces, harder to reach but with more secret weapons to help you get them.

The pressure is on.
Round 1 - I am the champion - yes!
Round 2 - I am in 3rd place ):
Round 3 - my turn is coming up soon - can I do it? will the pressure get to me?

My hubby had words with me for being harsh w/ my daughter - she gave me lame advice and I took it! Arg! I totally could've gotten more points if I had done it my way. POINTS! POINTS! POINTS!

But she is totally sweet.

"Good job Mom!" she says whenever I do well.

When I complain she keeps saying,"Trust your luck!" optimism.....hmmm.....

My family doesn't realize how dangerous it is to get me back into compute games. I haven't played in years - ON PURPOSE! Now it is 9:15pm and past their bedtimes and we're still going. My competitive, addictive side definitely shows up in the computer game realm.I hope I win! I hope I win!

And how do I save face if my seven year old daughter beats me?

What a way to start the week....