Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is it

Do you ever realize in the middle of a totally normal day, "This is my life"? Not an exciting, unusual day, or a bummer of a day, but a completely par for the course day. This is it! I'm living my life.

I had one of those moments yesterday. I think I was cleaning the kitchen while my kids ate breakfast. I do this every day. If I were some kind of zen master I could probably hold that consciousness all the time. As it was, I had a little blip of awareness and then Marie spilled her cereal all over the floor and I lost it (the awareness not my temper).

It is strange getting very near 40. I mean, I am OLD now. Do you remember when you were a kid? Forty year olds were way up there! Now it is just strange. I keep thinking I had really better start squeezing all I can out of life. I could be half way through!

Playing Peggle is probably not a good way to get all I can out of my life. I mean, I don't think I'll be lying in the old folks home reminiscing about all the wonderful Peggle levels I mastered. You know?

I wonder what I will remember. I don't remember much even now. Too much...well, my kids might read this some day, better not say why my memory is less than it could be.

Hopefully I can remember the important things, the joyful and funny things. My girls rolling around on the floor together laughing. The way my son always taps me on the shoulder - its our secret way of saying "I love you". How great it is to snuggle into bed with my honey at the end of a long day. Speaking of which.....