Monday, April 16, 2007

Bees need disco

I read an article the other day saying that bees are dying. Lots of them. Millions of them. All over the world little honey makers are keeling over. Why? Oh, yeah, global warming no doubt...snore...snort..huh?...what? Oh yeah, bees dying.

So if this is really happening, then do you know what this means? NO MORE HONEY! At least that is what my 7 year old daughter concluded. My conclusion was much scarier. Who is going to pollinate our world's crops? What is going to happen to our food supply? Seriously folks - this could be bad.

Those poor bees. Maybe they forgot how to dance. Did you know they dance to show each other how to get back to the flowers? Maybe they need a little disco soundtrack to help them get their groove back. Shake your groove thing, Shake your groove thing, yeah! heah!

Is it time to stock up again on non-perishable foods? (remember Y2K?) Should I clean out my old plastic food-grade buckets and fill them with beans and corn meal? Time to rotatill the front lawn in preparation for planting our own food?

Think about it....