Sunday, April 15, 2007

What I want

OK, I am going for the gusto. I am creating a list of gift items I would like on any special occassion. At the risk of offending a certain someone (who usually gives wonderful presents!) I am going out on a limb to make my desires crystal clear.

Drum roll please.......

- 24 carat gold or sterling silver hoop earings 1in. diameter
- Leonidas chocolate: dark chocolate with ONLY CHOCOLATE GANACHE, COFFEE, MOCHA, RUM OR BAILEY'S FILLINGS (certainly not cream or fruit filled and for goodness sakes no nuts!)
- anything from Anthropologie
- NO ELECTRONICS (unless it is a Mac laptop - whatever they are called these days)
- a night out on the town
- tickets to see/hear Beethoven's 5th symphony
- a weekend getaway with no kids

That's it - I can not think of anything else that I would want.

I am really a simple girl at heart.


Mike said...

Does your husband read this blog?

Sue said...

only when I remind him....I just told him tonight he should check it out from time to time.