Friday, September 2, 2011


I need a job.

I need to earn some money. Somehow I allowed my children to get involved in really expensive activities. And I mean prodigously expensive.

For some reason I don't seem to have the chutzpa to set limits or say no, especially if the fund-draining activity will look good on a college application (see previous post). And college is just around the corner - how are we going to pay for that?

So here I am pondering and praying about a job. But really, I am a spoiled, lazy person. It's all nice and dandy to fantasize about what job I'd like. But when I actually think about going to work, I'm like..."Ew...... I don't want to do that".

Some of the things I would want in a job are:
- part time
- can be done mostly at home
- involves organzing (people, ideas, events...I don't care)
- it would be nice to be helping others
- it would be fun if it involved history or education

I can't think of a job that has all those things, can you?

Sometimes I think I'll just get a job checking at Trader Joe's - my most favorite grocery store. It would be brainless, but would require being away from home quite a bit.

MiniMe is just 7, so I'm not quite ready to leave her for hours on end by herself. Yes, her sister and perhaps her brother would be home, but they just stay in their rooms most of the time.

Does anyone have teens who don't stay in their rooms most of the time? But I digress....

Maybe I should google "part time, at home, organizing jobs". Maybe I should look on craigslist. Maybe I should head over to Trader Joes.