Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Ideas

It's coming up soon and Hubby keeps asking me what I want.

This year I'm pretty sure I don't want things. I want experiences.

First of all, I'd love to go for a hike or a long walk on the beach with the fam and the dog. And the kids are not allowed to complain or ask when we are going home. It would be great to sit somewhere and have a nice picnic brunch and watch MiniMe play.

Later, I'd like a massage. A long one. An hour and a half is great. Then, right after that, I want to get a chiropractic adjustment. Not the fifteen minute crick-crack and your out kind. I want her to check out and adjust the whole kit and kaboodle.

Then, I'd like to come home and take a steaming hot as I can take it bath, scented with lavender. It would be great if I was in the middle of an exciting book, so I can read it in the tub for hours. Preferably no seven year old MiniMe will barge into my steamy haven asking if she can come in too.

Next......perhaps a nap.

Are you getting the gist of my birthday wishes? Lazy pleasures. Pleasurable laziness.

Hubby asked about a party. I'm just not into parties in general. I'm not good at them. My mind doesn't produce small talk without Herculean effort.

Nah...I'd rather be in my comfy sweats at home, eating delicious food and watching a movie (my pick!) with the fam. 

Here are some birthday no-no's for me:
- no wearing tight jeans
- no presents that involve electronics (yes, I'd love some new Apple product, but we can't afford it)
- no chocolate with nuts in it
- no cheap chocolate
- no chocolate from anywhere but Leonidas (well, maybe a homemade flourless chocolate torte)
- no dishes, laundry or cleaning (and that doesn't mean that it gets put off until it's not my birthday anymore)
- no fighting or arguing

Upon reflection it kindof seems like my birthdays wishes are a bit selfish. Oh well, I guess we all get to be selfish one day out of the year.


HaynesBE said...

Glad you are back blogging.
I missed you!