Friday, July 30, 2010

Ta Da!

I finally found it.

My dress! For Hubby's parents' 50th anniversary party (which is in two weeks, btw).

So I didn't get it too soon. Actually, I did get it too soon. I've had a gorgeous sapphire blue dress hanging in my closet since February. Last week (after I purchased shoes to go with it), I tried it on for ARG and Hubby.

Their response was identical - "It's so BLUE!"

Hmmm..... this was not the effect I was hoping to have. Of course my girls loved the blue dress. But the men? Not so much. And Hubby was especially unexcited about it. And really, who is my main audience here? Six and ten year old girls? Or my main squeeze?

So BACK I went to good ole Norstrom for an exchange. Luckily I found a lovely black dress that fits and was the same price. I am not over-the-top about the dress, but I like it. Hubby likes it, and that's what counts. And mostly? I'm happy that it's DONE! (bonus: I already have black shoes to wear.)

But it's not done really, because now I have to find the appropriate brassiere to wear underneath. It's not as easy as it seems. It must sufficiently push the ladies up, with out showing out the top of the dress. I have a week to work on it. I'm optimistic.

So, with out further ado, here is the dress I will wear August 13:


Well, that didn't exactly work, so here is the link to the dress I will wear on August 13:


Of course, you have to imagine a 41 year old, statuesque (do you like that?) pale lady in the dress.

Comments are welcome (as long as they are positive).



HaynesBE said...

The dress is gorgeous!!
I would recommend using Nordstrom for finding your "small clothes" as well. May cost a bit more, but the assistance you get is such a time saver.

Cathy said...

(haha "pale lady"!) The dress is lovely as I am sure you will be in it! Men always have it easier, but we have more fun I think. Would have liked to have seen the BLUE dress too lol. Most of all though, have FUN and post some pics later! :)