Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun on the 4th

Independence Day, 2009.

We headed down to the farmers market this morning and managed to get a pound of english peas and about 6 pluots and plums for $3. Pretty good, huh? I think the fruit guy likes my girls.

Then my girls begged and dragged me to the Half Moon Bay 4th of July parade. Woopee! We sat on the street curb in the sun and watched lots of fire trucks, plain ole trucks, cars, horses, people on horses, and plain ole people parade along Main St. It is everything you would think a small town parade would be.

The Mexican dancing horses were way cool. There were about five or six guys gussied up with fancy spanish rancher outfits (or whatever they are) on horses. Right behind them was a walking Mexican marching band (not mariachi, and no costumes). Whenever the band busted out into song, the horses would trot around in tight circles, or weave back and forth, back and forth. I enjoyed it.

I discovered the real reason my Rosie so desperately wanted to go to the parade: CANDY. I keep forgetting that in a nine year old mind, candy still ranks up there with....well, candy is probably still at the top of her list. And she was indulged to the max today. Every group that marched by threw pounds of candy out to the crowd. My girls went crazy scavenging sweets of the street. I had to have a "talk" with them about not grabbing everything they could reach, because a sweet little toddler next to us just couldn't compete.

On the way home I told the girls they could only have one piece of candy and the rest was going to church. MiniMe retorted, "Then your a mean Mom". Yep. That's me. My MiniMe (shudders) is a tough one.

Hubby told me last night I should go to the parade. "How many times will you get to go with young kids?" He makes sense. Though I don't particularly relish it now, I suppose I'll miss it when my kids are old and not interested.

Tonight we're off the church for another "parade" of decorated scooters and bikes. Oh the excitement is killing me! My girls' bikes are mildly decorated with ribbons and heart stickers. I'm not holding out hope for first prize.

The only thing I'm wondering, should I decorate the dog?


Beth said...

Last year was the first year in 15 that I wasn't IN theparade with my children.
This year was the first year in over 16 that I did not even go to watch the parade--instead I stayed home with my in-laws while my 13 year old and her two neighborhood friends dressed up in red-white-and-blue and traipsed off on their own.

Now that's independence for both of us!!

(I think I feel a blog post emerging.)

Sue said...

Hard to imagine! I know it'll come... Good for you.