Monday, July 20, 2009


I love my God. I trust my eternal soul to Him. I rejoice in His amazing creation.

But I have just one complaint (that may crack the very foundation of my faith!):


Why, God? Why? Why must we have disgusting little hard shelled, eight legged vermin who dig into our skin, bury their heads inside of us and drink our blood? I just don't get it.

(shiver, shudder)

Thankfully I haven't been bitten yet (touch wood). But Lucy has had three in the last week. Luckily the first one was found by my friend, who skillfully removed it. So, now I know how to get them out. It's a lovely experience grabbing them with tweezers and pulling them out while their legs scramble to get back in. And using all your arm strength to kill them, and having to stand up and use all your upper body weight to do it because they are so hard!

Last night, after sitting on our laps for at least an hour (ew!) Lucy scratched one off onto Rosie. Screams ensued. Safety Man issued a new decree - no more dog on the laps. Sniff. That's what we got her for.....but I don't really want ticks crawling around me or my couch (or my children).

This morning Lucy presented MiniMe with a dead baby mouse or mole. Being five, MiniMe accepted the gift and brought it in to show ARG. Thankfully he had the good sense to chuck the thing way out into the bushes. Lots of handwashing! Lots of soap!

Lucy is a good dog. Really. But, eeeeeewwwwwww!