Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poor Neglected Blog

Isn't it summer?

Isn't it the season when I'm supposed to have all kinds of spare time to mess around with my blog? Guess this summer is different.

At this moment my menfolk are in the dining room with assorted other teens, preteens and fathers playing Texas Hold'em.Thankfully, I don't have to play. I am happily overindulging in Reese's Pieces and writing this.

Today was MiniMe's 5th Bday party. Wow. I forgot how hard it is to have 10 5-8 year olds in your house for three hours. Plus, MiniMe is coming down with a cold (great timing). She didn't want to do half the activities I had planned. Or if she did, she bailed on them way before I was ready. Then, I forgot that kids this age sometimes don't want to participate. "I'm not gonna do that!" Swell....lovely.....super.

I busted my behind getting this shindig together, and you don't want to do it? Fine.

They laughed and screamed and played and ate. And then at the end I asked MiniMe how she liked her cake. "Not very much..."

Okaaaaay. Breath. Don't cry. Don't take it personal. Breath.

Now the boys are playing poker. MiniMe is sick and asking for me to read a book. Rosie is watching a movie, wishing she could play poker with the big kids. Lucy the dog is barking annoyingly. How do you stop dogs from barking unless you follow them around with a spray bottle.

Oh, did I mention I had a glass of wine?

MiniMe's eye is dripipng. She is begging. I've got to go......