Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where's My Medal?

I made it though another of ARG's fencing tournaments today. I'm feeling pretty confident that I didn't make a fool of myself. I should get the medal.

ARG did great. Got 2nd place in Y14 (he's 12) with fencers from all over northern CA. He rocks. But his last three direct elimination bouts were nail biters! Even though I wasn't neurotically nervous, I still lose self-awareness during the fencing. When a point is scored, I often "come to" with my legs bent, arms and hands clenched, heart beating furiously. I also became aware that every time a point is scored against ARG, I let out loud groans. "Ach", "Oooh", "Uhhh". Seriously had to tell myself to SHUT UP several times today.

And even though I think fencing is the wierdest, least predictable sport on earth, I really love the fencers and their families. Everyone is so friendly and the sportsmanship is high. Fencers congratulate each other. Parents too. ARG and the gold winner are friends, and they hugged when the bout was over. Awwwww.

One freaky moment: in the quarter-finals, ARG bent his blade at a 45 degree angle on his opponents face mask. Phew. I'm glad those masks are strong.