Monday, May 4, 2009


Don't laugh at me. Don't mock me. Pity me.

Raising a puppy is HARD!

Yes, I knew it would be hard work before we got her. Less sleep, accidents...etc. I didn't have blinders on or anything. But man, am I tired. How I long for one puppy-free day.

Because aside from being cute and cuddly, puppies basically need constant training and pack-order lessons. And she is smart - knows sit and we're working on stay and leave-it. But she keeps trying to be dominant, and we have to constantly show her who is boss. I especially have to be watchful when MiniMe is handling her..."ooooh pick up her hind legs!"

The learning curve has been steep this week. I've read about 5 puppy training books. But, like people, puppies are individuals, and don't conform to every rule espoused for their training. For instance, one book claims that all you have to do is get your puppy to love her chew toys and you'll be set. Well, Lucy is not food motivated. She'll chew, sure. But only for a few minutes. Not incessantly for hours like "normal" dogs.

The part I like best about having her is when she lays all over us on the couch while we watch our family movie. It is very cuddly and sweet.

The part I dislike the most is potty training. Poop and peep on my floors are the worst. Especially because once dogs start doing it, they keep doing it. I'm busting my behind trying to train her to love going outside. But she is freaked by all the bleeping rain. Always wants to come back in. Sigh.

Good news though, she's getting her second round of shots tomorrow which means she can "socialize" with other dogs and go for walks now. Loooong walks. Walks that will wear her out (please God).

And we are signed up for a puppy obedience class starting Friday. Rosie will be doing it with her. That should be fun for both of them.

So I'm looking forward to good times. But hoping I have enough stamina to make it though her puppyhood.