Friday, May 29, 2009

Post NY

I am in high demand. Going away for a five days made that pretty clear. People need me around here. It's good. That's the way it is supposed to be. But it can be intense.

Being "just Sue" for my trip to New York was such a break. It's like deep subconscious stuff. Just taking care of myself (time to curl my hair!) is so foreign to me now, but so refreshing.

I am still recovering. On Wednesday I came down with a mild cold, which is mostly making me sneezy, headachy and tired. I'm sure I was run down from getting so little sleep. I need a weekend to sleep, sleep, sleep.

Will I get it? You can probably guess....

This weekend is the Big Ballet Extravaganza for the girls! A show each day! Rehearsal Friday night! Rehearsal Saturday morning! Me slaving away volunteering both days!

As an added bonus for my non-sleeping pleasure I get to work at church on Sunday - both services! Woo hoo! And Rosie (read: me) has to bake cupcakes for the ballet bake sale. And to top it all off, ARG has an academic awards ceremony to attend on Sunday.

I'll be at the show with Rosie. Hubby will be at the ceremony with MiniMe and ARG.

We'll be divided.

But not conquered.

Pass me that espresso.