Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Wonderful Day

There are few days that I truly consider wonderful. Today was one of them

No, nothing earth shattering. Nothing stupendous. Just a lot of really cool, common things happened today.

First of all, I got to sleep in. And for an added bonus, when I got up, I was the only one up. No kids. No hubby. The house to myself for an hour! Sweet. (and very unusual) I got some quality high school / homeschool research under my belt.

Then, I got to go for a beautiful walk with my bestest and oldest friend. It was especially valuable because she may be moving away soon, and we may not get to walk together for a long time. The spring breeze was cool on our cheeks, the sun warm on our faces. The hills were green and smelling fresh.

The afternoon was filled with gardening. After hitting the hardware store for supplies, MiniMe and I spent some time in the back yard planting seeds in the boxes. For something new, I am trying to grow a tomato plant this year. "San Francisco Fog" it's called. We'll see. We don't get too much sun here. And since I felt daring, I bought a wee basil plant to try. Who knows, maybe I won't kill this one.

There is something extremely gratifying about watching your kid work. I'm serious! ARG mowed, weed whacked, and did general grunt work for Hubby and me all afternoon. Rosie made pizza dough (for our signature barbecue breadsticks) all by herself. And after four months, Hubby completed his bea-u-ti-ful table for our gigantic TV to sit on. Isn't it great?

Late afternoon saw me preparing many yummies for an early dinner: mashed potatoes, bean salad w/ artichoke hearts, baked beans, bread sticks, marinades for pork and chicken. Hubby fired up the Q and we had a nice time sipping wine, grilling yummies and joshing with the kids.

Now, I am contentedly writing this post, looking forward to a good movie: The Americanization of Emily. At least I hope it is good.

It was a sweet day. And I'm so grateful for it.


Anonymous said...

Glad to be a part of it.Are walks through the years are gems to me.The pace the seenery and the dialog works so well together.
Hope to walk with you for a long time.