Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lucy is here!

Puggle-extraordinaire is the 6th member of our family as of Saturday. She is tiny! She only wants to be held. She cried a lot last night. Not that into sleeping on her own.

As predicted, I am already sleep deprived. Oy.

Girls are contastantly fighting over who gets to hold her. Lucy has a hard time sleeping in MiniMe's lap, because MiniMe is four, and not capable of sitting still for more than thirty seconds. But Lucy loves Rosie's lap. Rosie who would hold her all day and night if I let her.

It is wierd having a new being in the home. Especially since Hubby and ARG are in Portland for a national tournament (top 16 in Under14 Saber! Go ARG!) But I miss them, and don't feel right when they aren't here.

Miss Lucy gets more adventurous and cute with each passing our. But, Ugh! that puppy breath.