Monday, March 9, 2009

Sound board

Yesterday I ran the soundboard for the worship band at church. I am still a total beginner, but slowly learning which buttons and knobs control which mikes and instruments. Modifying the equalizer is still a bit beyond me, but I do know how to turn down the bass.

I've learned a few things that one can only learn through experience:
- when there is feedback (ouch!) it's usually the mikes - mute them.
- the volume fader for the CD player is touchy - it goes from quiet to blaring very quickly (oops).
- the worship leader likes his guitar loud(er than I would make it)
- I need to boost the electric guitar when he does his "solos for God" ;)
- in an emergency - if all else fails - use the master volume and bring it all down

I've been trained pretty well, but so much of doing the sound board is just.....doing it. You have to learn through experience (that means mistakes). But hey, I'm happy as long as I don't make hugely major mistakes that distract a lot from the service.

But here's the thing about yesterday. It was the first day of daylight savings. I got up at 7am (which was really 6am), hurried through my morning routine to get to church by 7:45. Shower, makeup, brush teeth, clothes.....etc.

About half way through the first service I began to notice a distinct smell of body odor. Hmmm.... l looked around.... there was only one guy near me and he wasn't that close. Uh oh. Yep, you guessed it. Moi! Going au natural in the armpit department for the first high pressure job of doing sound board all on my own. Nice.......When you can smell your own body odor, you know you stink.

Guess I missed the deodorant part of my morning routine in my rush. Plus, I ran out of my favorite Altoids gum. So there I was; stinky with coffee breath. Mmmmmm.....

Hopefully I managed to get out of there without totally nauseating anyone.


I'm sure glad God loves smelly people too.


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