Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some Things

No major themes today.

Just some things I've been up to lately:

- torturing myself watching videos of my babies
- being disgusted by the graphic, bloody violence in a documentary on Rome that ARG is watching
- wondering when I will ever get back on a regular work out routine
- being totally unimpressed and uninterested in St. Patrick's Day
- feeling disappointed that in Missouri people who support Ron Paul (my MAN!) and support the Constitution are being profiled as potential paramilitary terrorists.
- not eating enough fiber or greens
- loving long walks through the hills on soft spring days
- wondering if we will get a puggle soon (and what we will name it)
- trying to figure out how to do high school at home
- watching movies about my hero, George Washington
- enjoying listening in on ARG's history class (I love when the teacher gets all excited about republics)
- wishing I didn't have a huge property tax bill looming
- hoping my income tax return will come in time to pay the property taxes
- being befuddled by the attraction of FB, but hanging in there just the same
- having great ideas for posts, not having time to write about them, then forgetting them
- considering what clothes I'll bring to NYC (yipeeeee!)
- teaching MiniMe to read
- sleeping too much
- thinking and praying about friends who are struggling
- wondering if anyone other than libertarians has really studied the causes of the great depression
- reading my favorite blogs

Pray that all my lost post ideas will come back soon.