Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Again

We're back from rainy San Diego. You think it should've been sunny? So did I.

We had a most terrifying experience while in the Southland. The day I picked to visit the cousins who live in Temecula (about an hour east of San Diego), it was raining cats and dogs. I drove out with the kiddos that morning, at a slower speed than usual. All went well, until it was time to exit the freeway.

As I moved into the slow lane in order to take the next exit, my car began to hydroplane. And I mean we were gliding off the bleeping road! I don't know where I learned this, but somehow I knew not to do anything dramatic. No brakes. No turning. Foot off the gas. So amidst my panicked shouting, "Sh&#$t! Sh&#$t!", we veered off the road. I turn the wheel slightly to the left, and we veered back onto the road, and into the second lane. I thought, "We're going to crash!"

ARG yelled, "What?!?" and I screamed, "We're hydroplaning!"

Then it was over. The wheels got friction again, and we were able to get off at our exit. Man! My heart was pounding. My back was so tight! Hands were shaking. I couldn't talk. I was panting. We probably were out of control for about 7-10 seconds, but it seems an eternity when you are going 60mph on a freeway and your kids are all in the car.

Oddly, the girls in the backseat never knew anything was wrong until it was over. They were busy playing, I guess. But ARG knew. He said later, "I knew something was wrong when you started to swear."

Wouldn't that be sad if my last words were profane? Oh, how I wish I could change that bad habit of swearing when I'm scared. I don't really do it otherwise.

Anyhow, we made it safe and sound. But I think I'll avoid freeway driving if possible when it's raining that hard. Freeways flood too easily.

Other than our near death experience, we had a lovely time in San Diego. The in-laws take such great care of us. I don't have to cook. Kids don't do school. Lots of field trips, movies, visitng, eating and sleeping in.

What could be better? I think I'll make this mid-February trip a tradition.


Michelle said...

Yikes! That was scary. Glad you handled it well and made it through ok.


Mike said...

Yeah, that's super scary. Welcome back though.

Sue said...

Michelle - which Michelle are you? I know three.

Mike - thanks!

Beth said...

Glad you are ok.