Thursday, November 20, 2008

To Dog or Not to Dog

The inevitable has come.

My nine year old daughter wants a dog. She yearns for one. She dreams of one . She begs for one. Often.

Now, I love dogs as much as the next gal. Maybe even more. I've always considered myself a "dog person". Cats never had much of a chance due to my severe cat allergies. So I'm not against dogs in principle. I think they're great for families, awesome companions, potential protectors.

But they're SO MUCH WORK!

Getting a puppy is like having another baby. I've had dogs before and I know of what I speak. Potty training, Crate training. Leash training. Training, training, training. AND picking up poop! PLUS ruined furniture, clothes, toys...etc. from chewing and gnawing. AND the dog fur all over the house. ALSO having to find a dog sitter when we go away. And of course the dread fear that the pup will grow up to a.) bite b.) bark incessantly or c.) be aggressive with other dogs.

I just got my last child out of babyhood and toddlerhood! I don't know if I'm ready to dive back in! I like having older kids. I enjoy the freedom it entails.

But what can I say to a little girls' dreams of cuddly-wuddly soft puppy snuggles? Of a companion to play and romp with? Of walks around the hood with the ole hound?

I'm starting to cave. I think Hubby is pretty much still on the NO side of the fence. And seriously, we don't have the coin right now to drop on a puppy and puppy supplies.

I've told Rosie a few things about the POSSIBILITY of getting a dog:
1.) We must TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN the darn thing into perfection
2.) KIDS will be responsible for poop pick-up and feeding and walks.
3.) It will be a family dog - not just hers.
4.) Maybe in summer.......

What do you think?


Mike said...

Oooh, do it for the blog!

Sue said...

Ya think?