Sunday, November 30, 2008


We are a slightly strange family. We don't watch TV. We don't have cable, and only have old-style TV's with small screens but humongous boxes.

BUT.......we do watch DVDs. In fact it is one of our favorite family activities. Whether it is Stephen Hawking's The Universe, some BBC Dickens remake, or Lord of the Rings, we like us some DVDs.

In the past few years we have begun to lament our lack of a big screen that we see at, well, everyone else's house. Some movies are just meant to be seen on a big screen, awesome speakers and a dark room. The Matrix doesn't quite cut it on a 24 inch screen, ya know?

So, we decided that for Christmas this year, we would ask St. Nan Nan to help us buy a big HDTV. Instead of giving us all presents, we've asked her to write us a check which we will apply towards this purchase. It won't cover the whole shabang - but it will ease the pain significantly.

After looking around quite a bit, we decided on a Samsung 46in...bleah, bleah, bleah, can't remember all the numbers and details. But it's good. And we can order it from Amazon and have it delivered in 2 days! (do we really believe that? not sure...)

You can imagine my wonder and hope when I received an email from Amazon offering me the opportunity to enter a contest which gives me the chance to enter a race to possibly buy said HDTV at HALF PRICE! Of course, anyone who has been around the block a time or two knows that the odds are strongly against us winning this contest/race. But Hubby thought we could sweeten the odds be each of us entering individually, plus getting my mom and dad to enter as well (he's smart that way).

Lo and behold, while the rest of us got the "sorry, but you haven't been selected..." email, Hubby didn't. His Amazon account says the TV is available for purchase at HALF PRICE tomorrow morning at 6:30. To be exact, it says the race will start at 6:30am. What does that mean? We're not quite sure. But you can bet he'll be logged on before he goes to work tomorrow morning, credit card in hand, reading to join the race!

Are the odds still against us? Probably. But if we could swing this it would be so sweet!

Wish us luck!


Mike said...

Good luck! And for what it's worth, we also have a Samsung LCD HDTV. Hope you enjoy it.

Sue said...

Do you like it? What size did you get? Any problems?

Tami said...

Gook luck you guys! You will LOVE the bigger screen for movies for SURE!!