Monday, October 13, 2008

Lordy, Lordy


I'm old.

Really. I'm over the hill and heading down the backside.

Yes, I turned the big 4-0 last week. Sigh. I was 39 and holding strong for so long! But alas. It comes to us all.

Did I wake up and find new dark rings under my eyes? Actually, YES! Did I all of a sudden feel exceptionally tired and worn out? Uh, YEAH!

But perhaps I must attribute these changes to partying all night, eating rich food, dancing at the Cellar and other stuff I can't mention (gotta keep my PG rating). Clearly, I needed to recover from a late night, but it took me two full days to feel normal again. Used to just take one day. -sniff-

Hubby was a super sport and did everything I wanted on my birthday. YES - he even went ..... drum roll please..... clothes shopping! (now that is a sign of true love) And I think he had fun dancing to songs that he used to dance to in college. In fact, it kind of felt like we were back IN college. Oh wait, maybe that's because everyone else in the whole dance club was like 24 years old.

OK, I'll admit it was a bit weird. Two old fogies bopping their hearts out under the strobe light with fine young things. The only other person near our age in the club was a woman chaperoning her daughters. Yeesh. But we went with it anyways. We were silly. We had fun. And that's what counts right?

Oh, and I got an iPod shuffle. So now I can run hands-free listening to my lectures. And it's hot pink, goes with my pink running shirt, and hopefully ARG won't want to take it.

Well, it's 8:45pm. Guess it's time for bed for this old lady.



Anonymous said...

The categorization of Depeche Mode through time:

1. Art Nouveau/New Romantic
2. New Wave/Techno
3. Mod
4. 80's Pop
5. Golden Oldies

- sk8.

(ps. never too old for big hair ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, where'd I leave my hair glue?

Mike said...

Happy Birthday, Sue. At least you're still younger than me!

Sue said...

sk8 - I'm thinking we danced to the new wave/techno stuff?

Mike - That's sayin' something!

Beth said...

I love pink! I got a pink cell phone to keep it out the hands of my son!
Happy birthday. When you feel old, remember I was pregnant with Eva when I was 40!!
But also, it really does keep getting better, more settled. I would love to have a younger body, but never a younger self---then I would have to learn all those hard lessons all over again.

Deborah said...