Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am Such a Wimp.

Really I am.

When someone (especially a man) gets angry and starts talking loud and aggressive, my heart starts racing. If the anger is directed toward me, I panic. I go up to that place in my head to observe and the rest of me just sits there breathing fast and feeling nauseous.

Up in my head I am hiding. I am not thinking. I can't think clearly when someone is angrily talking to me. I am like a little child, and I'm saying to myself, "You're OK. You're OK." My whole goal in that panicky moment is escape. Just. Get. Away. Figure it all out later.

Later? Oh sure I get mad THEN. Sure I have lots of great comebacks and insights and arguments. But in the moment of confrontation I am a total and complete wimp.

Aside from being an ineffective way of handling the situation, it is darn uncomfortable!

As you might guess, I had one of those moments today. And no, it wasn't my Hubby. With him I have gotten pretty good at arguing in the moment.

It's one of those situations that is far from resolved. That will require me to talk with this person again, many times perhaps. And here I am wishing it would all just go away!



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