Monday, September 8, 2008

Dear Blog,

Oh, my darling blog.

How I miss our special times together. You have been (and are!) an incredible outlet for my silliness, griping, political rants and random thoughts. I value our relationship more than I can say.

It's not that I don't love you. (sniff) It's just that I have other demands on my life right now. School has started. And once again I am eyebrow deep in assignments, and reading, and correcting, and being crafty (in an arts and crafts way).

When my desire for you is strong, I am called away by "Mom, how do you do this?" or "Mom, what does this mean?" When I long to spend quality time with you, I consider the consequences of not getting enough sleep. My attachment to you is strong, but family must (heaving sigh) MUST come first!

Even when I do get you alone, my mind is filled to brimming with hieroglyphics, the exosphere and food webs. Guiding my child through the minefield of probability word problems, multiplying negatives and manipulating variables weigh heavy upon me.

Dearest, my longing to express myself through you is only second to my hope that my son will soon answer his science and literature questions in complete sentences (you know, with a subject and a verb? and maybe, like, a period at the end?)

But this week, dear blog, our moments together will be few and precious. Know that even when I am reading the Boxcar Children, or talking about the "greenhouse effect", or even playing Go Fish with MiniMe, you - dear Blog - are never far from my thoughts!


Beth said...

Greenhouse "affect"?

Hm-m-m-m. I wonder what that would like? I think I am going to have to play around with this one.


Sue said...

Oops - late night typo! Though it is kind of funny....

LadyinRed said...
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LadyinRed said...

Too funny! I can really relate to this, the 'urge' to blog comes often during the day AND night but one must sleep too sometimes :D

Now, back to cooking you blogging addict! (this is me, telling myself to get back to the kitchen :p)

ps: this is take two, I stuffed up the first trial :D