Sunday, August 31, 2008

Triathlon Time 4 Me?

Well the stars seem to be lining up for me to get training again.

For some unknown reason, all of a sudden, today I felt like running. I haven't touched my running shoes for many, many moons. My supercool road bike? It has cobwebs on it.

Perhaps it was chatting with my friend the ironman (ironwoman?) triathlete. It is a very humbling experience I assure you. And when I heard that her 13 year old son, who is friends with ARG, will be doing the Treasure Island Triathlon....well, it made me think.

Could I? Should I? Sprint triathlons are relatively short (in the tri world) but they are still hard. For me, it's about 2ish hours of exertion, courage and pain, topped off with pride and euphoria at the end. Plus the goal to train might just get me off my tokhes (can gentiles even say that?).

So I went for my first run in almost a year today. You know what? It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Aside from having an extra tire of blubber bouncing around my midsection (urg!) my stamina was pretty decent. I ran for about 45 minutes - maybe 2 or more miles. I know it's not much. But compared to zero miles, it's OK.

I guess the extreme hiking up Montara Mtn. has helped a bit. I'm not a complete flabalanche.

The next endeavor will be to get on the bike. Oh. My. Poor. Behind.

I'm not kidding folks. I rode about 10 minutes with ARG on Thursday. My derriere is still sore. Sadly, that part needs to get toughened up too (I hate even thinking about that).

The swim is not so much of a problem. I have been semi-regular about doing that. And it's my strong point anyhow, so I just need to do it more often and I'll be all right.

So maybe, just maybe I'll do it. I'm still thinking about it. No commitments yet!

But it would be cool. And maybe it would make me cool too.


Mike said...

Wooooooooooo! Go Sue! Come join me in my pain!

Sue said...

Thanks for the support Mike! I think.