Friday, August 29, 2008


Some folks are getting all worked up about Barack Obama's speech. Others spend their time questioning John McCain's choice of that girlie from Alaska for VP.

Peeps, as far as I can see there is not one whole heck of a lot of difference between our presidential choices. The starkest difference would be the prochoice / prolife issue. Other than that, they are both big government guys who will continue the status quo of American policy at home and abroad.

No? You beg to differ?

Go right ahead.

I'll admit to minor policy differences between the two. But from a libertarian viewpoint - one that advocates a return to smaller, more local government and respect of individual rights - the small distinctions don't matter a whole lot.

Plus they are politicians. They are slimey by definition. I often think of Sting's lyrics about politicians: "They all seem like game show hosts to me".


On a more superficial level, Obama would be much easier on the eyes and ears (if I didn't want to run screaming from the room every time I heard him). Hey, anything will be better than cringing in anticipation of some blunder by W. shudder.

I'll freely admit that I didn't hear Obama's speech. Should I? Oh, probably. But every time I heard anything about the convention I felt like vomiting:

"Will Hillary bring unity to the Democrats?"

"Will Bill Clinton throw his weight behind Obama? Or will he damage him?"

PULEEEEZE! That stuff was all scripted weeks ago. The Democratic powers that be knew exactly what would happen at that convetion - it is a SHOW. Bill Clinton not support the Democratic candidate. How dumb do they think we are?

Now we're in for the treat of the Republican convetion - this week I think. What will W say? What about Bush Sr.? Will McCain deliver? Blah. Blah. Blah.

Wonder what's happening over at the Rally for the Republic?


Mike said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the uselessness of the conventions. It's a big back-slapping masturbation-fest. Obama will get his little bump in the polls from the Dem convention and then miraculously McCain will get his during the Repub convention. Gripping drama.

ciara said...

everyone knows that politics/politicians are all just bs anyways. they always say what you wanna hear, then when voted in, they have their own agenda with maybe ONE actual campaign promise. it doesn't matter whether it's democrat, republican, or any other party involved in politics.

i missed the obama speech, but i've seen lots of ppl say it was great. some say, not so, simply cuz they don't like him. everyone says that mccain choosing the young female running mate was going to help him a lot. who really knows?

my thing is, when it comes to voting, people should vote for the person that they personally feel would do a good job no matter what party they be in.

Mrs. T. said...

It's not like it matters who we vote for anyway. Someone concedes like four seconds after CA polls close. Our votes don't count at the national level anyway. I can't get all in a dither about it. I haven't missed an election since I was 18, and I always take my girls along to show how important it is, but sometimes I don't think anything I do makes a difference.

My senior in high school has to watch and take notes on an hour of each convention every night. Good news is she also gets credit for taking notes on the Colbert Report. Also spanish news... which is very similar to english news, not suprising. My husband runs the debates here in CA so I end up watching waaaay to much news and political tv and not enough Big Love or Mythbusters.


Sue said...

Mike: do they actually think people fall for this stuff?

Ciara: I'm glad McCain picked a woman only because it might make things more interesting. Plus, she's only 4 years older than I am! Hmmmm.....

Meg: Give your daughter my condolences about having to take notes on the convention. But the Colbert Report? Woo hoo!

Beth said...

I listened to Obama's speech and even read it. Also read Hillary's, Gore's and Bill's. What I found they all had in common is that they are good at listing problems and then leaping to the assumption that more government intervention is the answer: more laws, more regulation, more wealth transfer. I am not expecting anything significantly different from the Republicans.

This listing of problems is simply an appeal to emotions unaccompanied by any attempt to seriously discuss, explain or increase understanding of the underlying issues. It makes me long for the days of the Lincoln-Douglass debates when people came and listened to arguments for a whole day. For a refreshing look at what political debates could be like, check out the debates:

So only part of the problem is the candidates. They can't be any better than what the process allows to float to the top. Between the general state of the culture and the power granted to special interests ever since private property rights were usurped by the expanded interpretation of ”the General Welfare,” it’s the best we can expect.

The solution? Change the culture, one mind at a time. It’s slow. It’s frustrating. But, I can’t think of any other way to proceed that doesn’t compromise the very values I am trying to promote.

Hang in there!!


Sue said...

Beth - thanks for your thoughts. As always you are thoughtful and thorough.