Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My BehBeh

I know I've posted about this before.

I can't help it.

She's my youngest and my last baby, toddler, little girl.

MiniMe is still little enough to want to crawl into my lap, cuddle while she sucks her thumb as she wakes up first thing in the morning. And she still fits - just barely. Her legs dangle way out there, and her head rests on my shoulder instead of my motherly bosom*.

But she has yet to lose her baby smell. Mmmmmmm. Burying my nose in her loopy curls while she nestles on my lap is a sheer slice of heaven.

And that skin! God sure hardwired moms (dads too?) to be crazy about baby skin. The chubby, smooshy, soft, fragrant skin - what can I say? - I can't resist it. In this day and age, I suppose this might sound wierd. But it's the truth. Babies and little ones are delicious.

MiniMe is four now and things have changed a bit around here for her. She has a "job" now. I've explained how we are all part of a team, how Mama can't do everything, and how everyone has jobs. Hers is to put away the clean silverware. She is less than enthusiastic.

"I'm so tiiiiiiired" she laments each time. She must've had success with that one at some point in the past, because she things it'll get her out of her "job". But supermama is on top of it!

"Your choice right now is to do the silverware, or go to bed. What do you want?"

"But Ma-"

"OK! Up you go! You can do the silverware after you've rested."

"Oh, o KAY."

Next thing to work on is "having a good attitude" whilst doing above mentioned job.

I keep telling her to stop growing. She thinks that's pretty funny. Oh why can't little girls stay 2 1/2 forever? What a fleeting, precious age!

*Did I just refer to myself and bosom in the same sentence? Ack!


Mrs. T. said...

Awwwwwww. I feel the same about my 4 year old. They also try to use the "I'm tiiiiiiiired" excuse. In fact so does my 17 year old, who is starting to pass chores to the little ones. It's funny to watch, now that she's the 'chores teacher' how anal she is that they do it 'right'. That did not come from me.

You said Bosom... LOL. I breastfed so long mine are permanently 'maternal'. As my daughter (6) says, "They are so soft and soooo big I just love to rest there." I try not to crack up when my husband raises his eyebrow at that one. My oldest says "Put those things away mom you'll put an eye out". The joys of an all (almost) female house.