Sunday, August 24, 2008


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I forgot my camara for every important or potentially photographic situation this week. Urg!

Looks gross, tastes great - so gooooood for you!
Universe on a bubble

Curvy carrot (home grown!)

Pretty petals

Just a rose


secret agent mama said...

I hhhhhhhhhhhhate when I forget my camera for something I should have it for.

Love your shots that you did get, though.

Rebecca said...

That carrot is cool!

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than forgetting your camera is remembering your camera and the only shots you get are really crappy ones! That happens to me fairly often!
Love the ones you did get, though! (ewww, what's the green!)

hip chick said...

I love the curvy carrot. There is no way I would ever drink that green stuff. I don't care how good it is for me.

Rebecca - I'm a Canon girl! said...

Don't know about that green drink...I will trust you that it is healthy. lol

Love the carrot and flowers. :)

maggie's mind said...

Great shots! Such a crazy carrot. I love the flowers and would totally drink something green like that if you say it's tasty and healthy (I've eaten a lot of strange stuff places I've been). What is it?

Jenty said...

What a gross looking drink!!
the carrot is very funky :)

texasholly said...

Are you sure that tastes good?

I am unconvinced!

Gattina said...

Your rose picture is beautiful !

Connie said...

I'd have to know what ingredients are in that drink before I'd even think about drinking it ;)

The carrot is neat!

♥ the flowers!

My fave though is universe on a bubble :)