Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm not there. I'm here.

I am a grumpy blogger today because everybody and her bleeping sister is at the BlogHer conference ...


Do I really know what goes on at the Blogher conference? Understand it's purpose? Would it be of benefit to my life?


It has something to do with blogging and women and is in San Francisco (I fit in all of those categories!) and everyone else is going and I want to jump on the band wagon! She's there. She is too. She wishes she could but can't afford it. Even she is going and she doesn't blog all that much.

I looked at the prices a few weeks ago and stomped my foot and swore responsibly decided that we can't afford that kind of outlay for something that just looks like FUN!

WAH! WAH! I wanna go! WAH!
(I had to do that!)

Now that I have that off my chest, I will take a note from Uncommon Blonde (who got it from someone else I think) and write a list of the things for which I am grateful (notice how I didn't say 'things I am grateful for?' my Grammar Cop mom instilled a strong aversion to dangling prepositions).


1. I have so many choices in my life. When things stink I can choose to change and make things better.
2. I truly AM a chocolate chip cookie expert.
3. My kids are healthy (whooping cough aside) and don't experience major learning challenges.
4. I am blessed with great old friends (my best friend from high school lives five minutes away!) and am making super-cool new ones!
5. I can cook and/or buy just about any type of food on the planet (I love me some taste sensations).
6.My hubby is sooooo supportive and on my team (if ya know what I mean). He really and truly wants what is best for me, even if it is occasionally inconvenient for him.
7. I live in a beeeeuuuutiful place! Ocean, trees, mountains......yes!
8. Dickens wrote such entertaining, uplifting novels and I get to read one each summer.
9. Sometimes more than ten (10!) people read my blog
10. My big kids still run and hug me, saying "I love you Mommy" when I walk in the door.


I feel better already.

What are you grateful for?
(Ack! Dangling preposition! How DO you say that correctly? For what are you grateful? Sounds like a bad translation.)


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

There is always next year. MWAH!

Sue said...

Sarah: Oh thanks! I feel so much better.

jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

It was fun...all the more reason to go next year.

Sue said...

Jennifer: I hope you post about it because I've heard questionable things.....

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