Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photo Friday

sea lions snoozing on the beach next to our beach party we were so adult! we spread blankets (well our hosts did it mostly)
and drank wine and ate cheese and crackers

Mini-Me checking out the....

visiting sea lion! he sure checked us out right back

does this look like the barbecue to die for? it was. salmon with all those amazing veggies on top.
talk about colorful food!

just for fun....can you guess what it is?


ciara said...

looks like dolls hair...but perhaps a porcelain doll, because the hair isn't whacky like regular baby dolls LOL

Mike said...

Looks like you've bought a wig.

Sue said...

Ciara - nope!

Mike - nope!

It's my daughter Rosie's hair. Can you believe she and I have to comb that out every day?

ciara said...

wow, it looked synthetic in the photo. probably from the way light hit or something.