Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun Words for a Not So Fun Day

Mortification: when you answer the phone at 7:30am, hear your financial advisor's voice, and realize your husband has forgotten about the appointment (you know, the one where your advisor comes to work early especially to accommodate your needs?) and gone off to work, and you have forgotten and are totally unprepared. Doh! Major apolification.

Bummification: When your 8 year old's craft project at VBS doesn't work for some reason, and they don't have any extras for her and she cries disconsolately in the car for ten minutes.

Cryification: When your BIG HUGE 4 YEAR OLD skins not only her both knees, but her ankle and elbow too!

Grumpificaton: When you are super tired from being on your feet all day and eating all the wrong kinds of food, and you're cooking dinner and you spill your drink, burn the quesadillas and the burgers are way raw in the middle. Then your kids bicker at the kitchen counter over NOTHING!

Computerification: What I'm afraid will happen to my son if he continues to spend every free minute of his life on the bleepity bleep computer! "I'm coding Mom!" he insists. Uh huh.....He found some game maker program that allows him to create games, so he has to play them to test them. Get it?

@!%$#$@!ification: When companies call hubby and set up phone interviews which they INSIST must be done at home on a land line with no distractions, then THEY DON'T CALL. Not once, TWICE.

Coughification: What my kids are doing all the time. All three of them. What gets worse when stupid fires from over the hill blow our way and smell and make our sky orange.

Sleepification: What I am going to do very soon. This getting up and out the door by 8:15am is way too hard for me (and my kids). We are all exhausted. I could never put my kids in school because I'd never get there in time.


ARG said...

"He found some game maker program that allows him to create games, so he has to play them to test them. Get it?"

I do. There's no other way to do it.

ciara said...

i definitely know what you mean about the haze. last few days it has been just a dull grey haze. the sun has been red (when the haze isn't covering it), and of course the air quality is just crap, then 'supposedly' we are not to be out in it if possible.

btw i'm totally with you on going back to bed. i'm bout to take a nap, just cuz i can. no one is here, but me :)

Sue said...

ARG - nice try.

Ciara - yeah, that orange light is yucky.