Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mess I Don't Want to Clean But Have To

There is a place in our kitchen / living area that we call the "school" area. It contains two desks, three computers, two monitors, a copier/scanner, a huge bookcase, a cabinet, and various plastic file drawers.


You know how the flat surfaces of your home have a tendency to acquire many, many things on top of them? Well the "school" area is like that to the nth degree. The piles are like two feet high and tottering. Papers, headphones, camaras, keyboards, books (lots of books), blank CDs, art projects, plastic bags filled with who knows what, folders, hairbrush (?), and miscellaneous toys and games adorn this area.

Now, if this chaos were tucked away in an office, it would be more bearable. But it is right in the heart of our living space! Just off the kitchen, next to the family. You can see it from everywhere!

Most of the time I pretend to myself that it is the normal state of affairs to have tumbling piles that slide onto the floor and kleenex boxes two feet off the desk on a pile of books. But when guests come, I take a second, more realistic look at this muddle.

Do you ever look at your home differently when people come over? I do.

So, this Friday we are expecting hubby's brother and his wife for a weekend visit. These folks are as sweet and friendly as can be. But they ain't got no kids. Comprende? They do not, CAN not get what it's like to live in a home with three monsters messy children. It's not that they're judgemental, it's just that they might not be used to it.

So onto the old shoulders goes "I've GOT to clean that mess up!"


This could take some time. I don't have a closet I can shove it all into. I have to organize it, or school books will be lost forever.

That actually happened once. ARG's dreaded Spanish book disappeared into the vacuum of the "school" area mess. I was mad. It was just a little to convenient for him.We found it a year later stuck between the back of the desk and the wall. Now I don't think he did it on purpose. I think this area sucks things so that they can be properly aged, bent, and dust bunny filled before seeing the light of day again.

So wish me luck, as I plow into the disorderly jumble of junk so prominently displayed in my home.