Monday, June 23, 2008

Check, Check, Check

Coffee: check
Bacon: check
Pancakes: nope - ran out of eggs yesterday
Laundry: check
Princess dress*: check
Princess accoutrement: check
Realize that I left my camara at my moms: check
VBS kitchen/snack job: check
Worry about kids' hacking cough: check
Swim lessons: check
Grocery store: check
Chocolate chip cookies: check (not as good as the last batch! wah...)
Chicken: check
Mashed potatoes: check
Salad: check
Package EBay sales: mostly check (and yay!)
Dinner with fam: check
Drive ARG to fencing class: check
Walk w/ friend: check
Listen to kids' hacking cough: check (worry, worry, worry)
Write interesting blog: heck it's 11:00pm....check!

* Mini-Me's actual birthday was today. The dress is for her, not me. All the foods listed were her requests.