Thursday, June 5, 2008

EBay Fever

I've got it!

I confess. I admit it. I really enjoy selling stuff on EBay.

For one who hasn't earned a greenback in many a year, there is an exquisite thrill of satisfaction when losers buyers bid on my junk!

As the bids go higher, I get more worked up. My kids wonder at me bouncing in my computer chair wiggling my fingers in delight.

So far I've sold old clothes, legos, ceramic cannisters and a book. The book was kind of an oops, as I found out (too late!) that my hubby wanted to keep it. Wince.

But I'm bringin' in the bacon! I'm earning wages! I'm receiving the fruit of my labor. Want to know the massive amounts of dinero I've brought in?

Almost $60!!!

Wooo hooo!

For just three or four hours of my time, I've brought in 3/5 of $100. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I now look at the possessions in my home with a whole new eye. Do I really need that? Would that sell? What price might it go far?

Unfortunately, I've swept through the house twice already. There's not much else I (or my kids) are ready to part with. But I'm gonna keep looking. Clothes that I just don't wear anymore? EBay! Toys my kids will never use again? EBay! Homeschool curriculum we no longer need? EBay!

My fondest desire is that there would be an intense bidding war on one of my items.

I can dream.


Mike said...

I bet other people have unsold "junk" too, like your neighbors and friends. Who would it hurt if you happened to root through their trash bins?

Sue said...

That's an idea! I'm sure they won't mind....