Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Big Apple

That's right. This time tomorrow morning I will be taking a taxi from JFK to the Hilton Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

It's a girlie trip. I am joining all my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law from Joe's family for a 5 day trip to New York City! Woohoo!

There are six of us and we will share two rooms. Should be a fun slumber party. I like each and every one of them so I am especially excited. I believe it will be a shopping extravaganza. I plan on observing more than participating, considering our bleak finances currently.

But I am super keen to enjoy:

rich coffee / cappucinos / americanos
delicious cuisine (notice I didn't say food)
feminine camaraderie
diverse people watching
1 or 2 splurges (who knows what it will be?)

Aaaahhhh.......five whole days with no:

educational activities
toddler begging to get into my lap and then squirming in my lap and playing with my hair
fixing dinner
hearing, "What's for dinner?"
being careful about food!!!!!
hearing, "Mom can I......" and having to THINK
picking up miscellaneous toys, socks, papers, stickers, doll clothes off the floor

There are only two things I will really miss:

My hubby (and probably not until day 3)
My bed

Just gotta get through the red-eye flight. Ugh. Wasn't my idea. Plus I'm afraid of flying. I'm thinking of taking some Tylenol PM (thanks Smoking) or just taking a shot of tequila before I get on board so I can sleep.

I'll post details when I return.

Au revoir!